I have called different well drillers in the area and found the prices vary. Is the cheapest price the best price? 

Answer: In most cases, no. Sometimes a cheaper price means the quality of the drilling process is being compromised.

Is it sensible to have the plumber install any part of the complete water system? He is already doing the in-house plumbing and informed me he can finish it at a lower cost.

Answer: Nobody knows your water system better than the professional who drills your well. KWD guarantees your system will work properly and efficiently when we are done. By allowing our company to complete your water system, it eliminated calling several companies if there is a problem. We can offer a quality pump package with many options.

My well was just drilled. Why is the water not clear?

Answer: After drilling a well, it is normal for a small amount of dirt and tiny rock cuttings from the drilling process to remain in the well. To clear the water, we suggest you periodically run water from a garden hose (as directed by your KWD technician). If this does not clear your water completely, we recommend that you have the water tested for mineral deposits such as iron.

How will I know if my water is safe to drink after drilling?

Answer: After the well is completed, we suggest a total coliform (bacteria) test be performed. We will help you make this arrangement by using a certified laboratory and recommend that your water be tested for pH, iron, and hardness. These are variables that most commonly affect the quality of well water.

My water suddenly doesn’t taste or smell right, what should I do?

Answer: Stop drinking your water and call us to have your water tested. If you can, please inform us of any changes in the daily volume of water used or in the physical area surrounding the well. We will use all the information gathered to diagnose how to appropriately and efficiently resolve the problem.

I have low pressure, is my well drying up?

Answer: Not necessarily. Low pressure may be caused by several smaller problems with your equipment. Contact us and one of our experts will save you time and money by quickly diagnosing the problem.

I don’t have any water. What should I check before calling for service?

Answer: Your first step should be to check your power supply, such as your circuit breaker or fuses. Secondly, check your main water supply valve and make sure its open. The water pump system in your home can sometimes be complex. If you are unsure of what the exact cause of the problem is, call us to prevent further difficulty. By leaving a message on our answering machine, you have automatically scheduled yourself a service appointment.

I just had my pump replaced. Does it come with any warranty?

Answer: The pumps installed by KWD come with a one-year, manufacturer warranty. Our company offers an additional four-year warranty, which will then give you a total of five-years. After your service call is complete, our company sends you a form to fill out and return with a fee of $50.00.

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